Collect the pollen and fly through the meadows to help repollinate the plants and bring colour back to the land!

Arrow keys to move, fullscreen button at bottom left of screen, press esc to exit fullscreen

My first Bitsy game, made for the Bees Bitsy Jam!  It's a very simpe concept, and I can't quite get all the colours how I like them, but I had fun making it and can't wait to create more with Bitsy in the future. Hope you enjoy! ♥

Development log


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This is really nice! Seeing the colours change as you move through the game gives a really good sense of progress, and it's so nice to finish where you began and see the change you made!

Aw thankyou!!

Loved this! Very cute, also hoooow did you get that amazing scene transition at the start I must know

bitsy 6.0 ;)


No way, I really need to get caught up!

ty bb  xox

And yeah, the transition is just in the latest bitsy, super fun to play around with!!